What is Snapcheat?

Online cheating has become more prevalent in today’s society. The app called Snapcheat is here to profit on this trend – as an add-on app that works in combination with Snapchat.

The platform enables relationship cheaters to connect with each other in a snap, utilizing disappearing messages for the protection of those interested in meeting someone outside of their current relationship and traditional dating sites. A useful feature they claim to prevent someone from being caught. If you chose you can your exact age and use an image that makes it a hard to recognize you, to keep your identity somewhat secret, as others can look at your image.



Dating App

Snapcheat is one of the many dating apps in today’s society that has seen an increase in interest. Apps like Tinder, Skout and Grindr are other examples of online platforms for looking for casual sex or long-term relationship.

However, these apps tend to take a much broader approach than Snapcheat when it comes down to defining their target group. Snapcheat is also for those who just want to fuck or enjoy having wild sex and make videos about it at the same time.


Friends Cheating App

Snapcheat was created for people that are cheating on their partners. The main goal is to enable friends who want to fuck to meet each other through the app, allowing them to collaborate on the already existing platform of Snapchat, making it easier for cheaters.

Find Cheating Girls or Guys

 The goal is to create a service using an existing platform, making it easy and more convenient for cheaters to meet each other through their smartphones. Unlike Facebook or other websites, snapcheat finds people who you don’t know.


Dating Sites

Conventional dating sites are geared towards single people. They are often targeted at both genders, though some are more aimed at women than men. There’s a site geared towards LGBT too. Most sites are paid but some create part of the website free.

For example, there’s a website for dating named FreeLocalDates gold membership on there removed the pop ups ads if you pay for the site. The website may be useful but an app can answer a lot more of what a person is looking for than a site.

Where is Snapcheat Available?

As of now, the app is only available in the USA, however, that doesn’t mean that people around the world are unable to use it. Rather than having a download page, you can simply change your location in settings on an iPhone or Android device and still be able to use the app without any problems.

How Does Snapcheat Work?

All you need to do is linking Snapcheat to your Snapchat account – after which you’ll be able to find other people, women, men, or LGBT interested in cheating on their partners through this platform.

After talking with new sexy girls or guys, your message self-destructs if you don’t save it within a week which is a sign you’re no longer interested. An advice is to choose your words wisely or use the easiest words if another person cannot understand you.

If you decide to cancel it, you have to go to snapcheat page on the browser and press one button to confirm. And if you want to connect again, go back to the page without creating a new snap account and access your profile again. Pricing snapcheat claims to be reasonable depending on which features you want.


What Are People Saying About Snapcheat?

Some have found this form of online dating rather amusing, while others think otherwise.

Snapcheat Reviews

If you search online it is possible to find a variety of reviews of Snapcheat. The majority of which are overwhelmingly positive.

“Snapcheat app is great! I’ve been using it to meet girls for several years since being married. My wife might have some idea what’s going on, but she’ll never find my messages – that’s for sure!” – Andy W.

“If you’re doing the dodgy you need to be careful, so I am. I’ve been using Snapcheat for several months now and I love the app. I’ve met so many guys through it, all of whom were cheating too. My boyfriend is such an ass sometimes, he total deserves everything he gets – including the STDs!” – Amber

“Honestly, I never thought I’d be using an app like this. I never expected to be stuck in a loveless marriage though either. We don’t really even talk to each other anymore, more than necessary anyway. I’m so glad I found snapcheat so I can meet more people who understand the struggle I’m going through.” – Erika L.

“The app is great, it’s been a huge help to me. I’ve been married for 8 years now and my wife knows that I’m cheating on her from time to time, but she never found any messages from other girls on my phone.” – Jack B.

What the Critics Say

Snapchat has quite a few different uses – some for fun, some more serious. For many individuals Snapchat is just used as an extension of their day to day lives – they communicate with friends and family on it, use it for entertainment purposes etc.

However, Snapcheat has taken Instagram’s model and created something that facilitates cheating by means of people being able to sext someone without revealing who they are or where they are from.

This has led people to criticise both Snapchat and Snapcheat over how easy it seems to be for people to cheat in a manner that they would not be able to if their name and potentially location was attached to the messages sent. Many relationship therapists, including ourselves, believe apps like this that make it easier for people to cheat, are generally not good for any long-term relationships.

Is Snapcheat Legit?

Since the platform works in a somewhat similar manner to Tinder, but with disappearing messages, it is assumed that Snapcheat has been created with good intentions. However, some would say that their terms and conditions indicate that they don’t take any responsibility for how users might utilise the platform – allowing the potential for users to be exposed to explicit content at times, or have their own content exploited by others.

How Do I Use Snapcheat?

The sign up process is pretty simple. You can sign up for a free account on Snapcheat, just by logging in on the app, setting up new account, and once that is done – linking up your Snapchat account. While signing up might be easy enough, uploading all of your information (including a profile picture) is required, and the process – including verification – can be tedious.

What Are the Benefits of Using Snapcheat?

Using this app is more private than other forms of dating – since only those who share similar interests would see each other’s profiles. Those similar interests starting with a desire to cheat on an unsuspecting (or possibly suspecting) partner. Users also don’t need to divulge too much personal information (i.e full name) which might deter them from sharing explicit content with their matches.


Privacy of Snapcheat

Snapcheat is known to be a very private app. The messages sent using Snapcheat are self-destructing, so they are only visible for the amount of time that your match also has them open. This means that anyone looking at posts saved on one’s phone wouldn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Your credit card data and credit card details will not be shared with any third party. Rest assured that giving us your credit card details will not leave you vulnerable. Once you pay for the apps, you can access snapcheat without seeing annoying ads. Your conversation history will be permanently deleted whenever you want. You can trust snapcheat for wild sex with a real person using fake profiles and face photo.

In Conclusion

This platform not only provides a sense of privacy that other dating apps do not, but it also allows users to have snapchat sex and snap cheats with new friends and potential partners without having their information revealed or exploited by others.