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Gambling, Isolation, and Depression Inversion (GIDI) Therapy is one of the leading clinics in the world providing evidence based services and protocols to assist people experiencing depression and/or isolating themselves from society due to addictive behavioral problems such as gambling. Our diagnosis, treatment planning and diagnostic assessment are undertaken by our clinical psychologists who have specialist qualifications in this area.


This service is available to adults (18 years and over) who are experiencing gambling related problems or addictive behaviour that is leading them to isolate themselves from friends, family and society. GIDI Clinic started operating in 2002 in Israel but has grown into a global clinic chain with the opening of its Sydney, Australia branch in 2008, and Los Angeles in 2012. Our therapists have backgrounds working in some of the most prestigious organisations that deal with this specific area of psychology.

The philosophy behind our service is aptly described by Gamblers Anonymous: “We continually try to realize these ideas in all our affairs – first, by looking within ourselves for those things which need correcting; second, by developing self-restraint rather than trying to find reasons why we cannot have what we want; third, by asking a higher power to give us the strength to remove our shortcomings.”


Our clinical psychologists also provide assessments which are used by lawyers, doctors and other professionals to provide reports about their clients’ mental state of mind at the time of a crime or similar incident. These services are also provided to international courts such as those in Britain, America and Singapore on request.

GIDI Therapy is one of only a few clinics in the world providing these services and protocols for addictions that have not been specifically designed for gambling addicts/isolators but rather people suffering from depression. This presents us with an opportunity to develop effective behavioral treatments based on comprehensive research knowledge obtained over many years into both depression and addictive behavior (gambling). A treatment design which can encompass the needs of gambling addicts and other behavioral addictions.

We are very proud to have helped thousands of people lives dramatically change for the better since our inception in 2002, many who had attempted to overcome their addictive behavior without success through traditional methods. We look forward to assisting you too!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Overcome Gambling Addiction

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How to Help Someone With a Gambling Addiction

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