Gambling addiction is a curse that can lead a person to bankruptcy, break apart a family, and ruin a promising future. This addiction leaves people depressed, frustrated, and feeling helpless and alone. Many people struggle very hard to overcome gambling addiction. Failure is often due to the lack of actionable support and advice available to them.

In this article, we’ll share some practical ways to overcome a gambling addiction.

If you are finding yourself gambling too much and are very aware of the problems it is causing you, you may want to try some of the following:

  • Cut down your number of visits to casinos. If you are going six days a week, reduce that to going only three days, and then reduce it to only one day a week. This way, you can eventually stop going completely.
  • Block all gambling websites where you have access. You can use apps or software, like Betblockers and Gamban for this. You may also try to use a non-smartphone and stay away from computers to avoid using the internet as much as you can.
a girlfriend is counting the money
  • Let one of your trusted friends or family control your bank and other financial accounts.
  • Don’t keep fast access to your banks, like credit cards and checkbooks. Remove payment methods from gambling sites in case you added any.
  • Do something else that keeps you busy. Join social groups and participate in social works. Reading books, listening to songs, watching good movies, and gardening are fun ways to enjoy free time.
  • Learn something new that can boost your career or open new windows of opportunity. Study the stock markets and consider investing there. It offers a lower risk than typical gambling, and most importantly, you will have control over your money. Starting your own business, such as a real estate business, e-commerce shop, or affiliate sites, is also a great idea.

I hope the above showed you some actionable ways to overcome gambling addiction. If you have suggestions for other ways to overcome gambling addiction, please feel free to share them with us.