It is difficult to talk with someone about his or her addiction. People often feel uncomfortable and act strangely when talking about the dark side of their life. If you wish to help someone with a gambling addiction, the below tips should help you a lot.

Often, the most appropriate way to approach gambling-addicted is to ask him/her directly. Find a calm and quiet place to talk. Rather than being aggressive and tricky, be honest with the addict, talk to them respectfully, but also straightforwardly. Remember, people may be more emotional or resistant, especially if they are suffering from depression, so you need to be gentle. It may not be so easy for them to talk to you, no matter how close you feel you are to them.

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They may hesitate at the beginning of the discussion. Share why and how much you care about him/her, and try to discuss their problems compassionately. If they are willing to open up to you, listen to the whole story, interact with it, and respond to the points that seem comfortable, or when you feel like you may be able to help.

Considering the below tips when helping gambling-addicted can improve effectiveness;

  • Educate yourself
  • Don’t forget- recovery is an ongoing process
  • Don’t force at all
  • Practice self-care

If you feel the problem is severe, you should suggest they visit a certified therapist. There are trained experts to understand the needs of the addicted and can help them accordingly.

If you are struggling with a loved one with a gambling addiction, get in touch with the team at GIDI for some advice and/or therapy. It’s never too late to help.