“How can I stop anxiety?” This is a common question of Millennials when in therapy.

Can anyone even truly beat anxiety? Though it’s not possible to remove anxiety from our lives entirely, we can control it very effectively. Below are some of the best ways to treat and beat it.

Consider the Reason

The first step towards beating anxiety is understanding why you are anxious. Perhaps you have made an incorrect decision, perhaps life isn’t going as you believe it’s meant to be, or there could be any number of other reasons.

Understanding the main reasons behind your anxiety can help you solve long term problems.

Estimate the Magnitude of Threat

Anxiety can make you feel like you are in tremendous danger, even if it can’t harm you in reality. This is what happens in most cases.

Sit down for a while, take deep breaths, and think deeply about your concerns. You might find entirely new ways to handle the pressure. It may take some time to figure out the reasons and solutions, but try to remain calm and look at the issues from many different angles. There might be something you can do to solve the issues you face, that you haven’t thought of as yet.

a girl relaxing by the lake

Practice Relaxations

It is always better to stay calm than to fight unnecessarily. Relaxation can be an excellent way to stay calm.

Practice yoga, meditation, breathing exercise, etc., to stay relaxed and have a better life grip. This can help you reduce anxiety.

Start Exercising

Exercise is one of the best ways to beat anxiety. Studies prove that exercise reduces stress hormones and fatigue and replaces them with happiness hormones, like endorphins.

Even simple exercises like running, swimming, or jogging can reduce anxiety to a great extent. Eating nutritious and natural foods is also as important as exercise. Foods are the fuel of our body, and they have a significant impact on our mind and mood.

Learn to Manage Thoughts

Living happily with constant stress is one of the most common traits of successful people. They don’t let anxiety impact their regular life and behavior. Learn to handle difficult situations with a relaxed mind and try envisioning your decisions’ long-term impacts and your positive future.

Whatever happens, remember you are not alone in the world and don’t be afraid to talk to others about your concerns.