How can you explain depression to someone who doesn’t have it? We hear this question often.

Depression can make you feel like a stranger to the community, friends, and family, including your closest comrades and loved ones. They perhaps question: “What happened to you? Why are you acting like a stranger? Why are you so annoying?” but really they just don’t understand.

Perhaps they’re trying to help you but can’t see or comprehend what’s going through your mind. When you are depressed, only you know how you feel. No word can well-describe your feelings. Still, it’s very important to talk about it and share what you are going through – this is integral to your recovery.

The answer to ‘how to explain depression’ depends on whom you are sharing with. Be polite and express yourself as much as possible, especially when you’re sharing with someone who has never had life troubles like your own.

a man talking to a therapist

We suggest sharing depression with a therapist as they are experts and understand the moods and emotions of depression very well. Depressed people often can’t express themselves properly, and therapists can guide them in a structured way to share the story behind their depression.

Don’t victimize yourself and say that you are in depression and everything is messed up in life. Tell them how you feel, what led to this situation, your reaction to the incidents, and how you deal with current adversities. Don’t hide anything that might be relevant, and try to elaborate. Therapists are trained to handle very personal issues professionally, and the more information they have the easier it will be for them to help.

Apart from the therapist, it is always good to share your depression and anxieties with the people you are closest to, like partners, parents, or children. Tell them how you feel physically and mentally. This is a big part of the healing process. Asking them to listen with a compassionate mind and heart can make the whole process lot more comfortable.