Life can be boring sometimes. For people suffering from depression or who are lonely, it’s sometimes good to just curl up and forget your life’s problems for a while. Watching a movie can be a great way to do this, but you don’t want to watch something that will make you feel worse. Watching a great movie can energize you and motivate you to kick boredom out of your life! Following are our top 8 picks on good movies to watch when bored.

1.   It’s Complicated (2009)

 Even though the name is ‘It’s Complicated,’ the story really isn’t. This is a comedy film at heart. Full of hilarious yet complicated relationship problems, the movie shows how much Jane and Jack care about each other even after ten years of divorce. A good move to watch to pass time when feeling bored. It will definitely bring a smile to your face.

2.   Captain America – The First Avenger (2011)

 Who doesn’t love some good superhero movie? This one is one of the best origin stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Join Steve Rogers, a skinny guy with a heart of gold, on his journey to becoming Captain America. Winning wars is one thing, but winning peoples’ hearts is entirely different and requires qualities that aren’t all just physical.

3.   The Jungle Book (2016)

 It’s fun andvery entertaining waching Mowgli and Baloo roaming around the jungle and having a blast while at the same time being wary of Sher Khan and looking out for each other. Finding one’s true self and staying among the friends always ‘feels like home.’ The storyline is pictured so livelily and vividly that critics said, “This movie has something for everyone” – and we agree.    

4.   Kung Fu Panda (2008)

 A masterpiece from DreamWorks Animation. Comedy, respect, support for each other, and awesome fight scenes – all blended perfectly in one great storyline. Another movie, showing our background or physical fitness, doesn’t define who we are, but our inner soul and love for the people around us. A feel good movie that people of any age can enjoy.


coco a boy with a guitar

5.   Coco (2017)

A generations-old ban on music is hindering young Miguel’s dream of becoming a successful musician. But Miguel’s determination to uncover his ancestors’ real story and prove his family’s beliefs wrong leads him to the colorful and eventful land of the dead. Can he return home before becoming a permanent resident of this horrible place? It’s worth finding out!

A perfect mixture of emotion, humor, and music to enjoy on a dull day.

6.   About Time (2013)

How about going back in time and changing the events of life? Well, you can’t, but watching someone else trying it can be proper utilization of a boring evening.

A heartwarming, simple, and romantic storyline of two interconnected souls will be a treat for time travel and science fiction enthusiasts.

Everyone will enjoy how time traveling can’t solve everyday life problems, but maybe love and support can. You’ll be sure to love this film and be very surprised at the ending!

7.   Land of the Lost (2009)

Will Ferrell is a comedy legend. We love many of his films, but this one – a sci-fi comedy – will have you laughing out loud! If you feel super bored, this will be sure to cheer you up. Will travels to the Lost Land, sort of a parallel universe with no normal civilization. It sounds zany and it is, but also highly entertaining.

This file brilliantly presents the importance of self-belief, and who knows? Something crazy might happen anytime, and you can be sure it’ll be a roller-coaster ride!

8.   Central Intelligence (2016)

The synergy that Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart create is priceless. It’s an exciting and funny story with lots of mishaps and crazy situations. Comedy and action combined to make for a very entertaining movie to get rid of your boredom and give you some feel-good energy!