Sadness is part of our day to day lives. Sometimes, it happens out of the blue for no particular reason. More often than not however there is something that causes the pain and anguish you are suffering through. Either way, knowing how to stop being sad can help to overcome these negative feelings quickly when they arise.

Failure Does Never Mean the End of the World

There are some moments in our life, such as death, breakup, losing a job, or failure in an exam, when we feel like it’s the end of everything, and it’s hard to suffer anymore. This is completely natural, and life’s way of teaching us a lesson! Thomas Edison portrayed it perfectly by saying;

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Consider failure as an opportunity, don’t be sad, learn from it, and start grinding to improve your future instead of suffering thinking about the past.

Find the Reason Behind the Sadness

It’s better to figure out the reason for your sadness, so you can learn from the experience. For example, if you just lost a job, think about why and take steps to improve yourself so a similar situation doesn’t arise. Reflecting on the facts will help you plan how to improve your situation.

Sometimes, you may become upset for no apparent reason. Getting a paper and pen and starting writing has been shown to help with this. You can write about anything, your feelings, your life, or even things completely unrelated to your emotions. You may find that very quickly your sadness will subside.

Let Sadness Hurt

As the saying goes: “If you can’t feel, you can’t heal”. If you avoid sadness, it may become worse. Embrace sadness for what it is. Accept that you are sad, look at it objectively, and move on when you are ready. You may find that this method will help you start feeling better.

a crying woman

Try Crying

Sometimes it’s better to let those feelings out rather than holding it all in. It’s okay to cry. This is especially true for men.  Crying can often be a solution. Watch a movie, a TV show you really like,  or listen to music that you can relate to and let those tears flow.

Forgive & Move On

Forgiving is the most pleasing thing a human can do. Cried for a while? Consider forgiving those who hurt you. Soon you’ll find this will help you take better control of our future. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Forgive but don’t forget, and stop associating with toxic people if they continually hurt you.

Stay Positive and Appreciate What You Do Have

Nothing can remove sadness as effectively as a positive mindset, especially if you are sad and stressed for the bad decisions you’ve taken throughout life. Seeing life from a positive perspective, learning from mistakes, and taking action to improve your future can heal sadness and bring your inner peace back.

A positive mindset comes from the people around you. Make friends, stay in a positive community, and try participating in social activities. Always be thankful for what you do have as well. There are countless people who are worse of then you are, no matter what your situation is. If they can continue on with their life struggles, so can you!