Lockdowns have been hard on everyone. The mental struggles that the vast majority of people now face on a daily basis, after “two weeks to flatten the curve” has turned into “two years of hell” are really starting to become visible throughout society. With social isolation, restrictions on travel, the inability to visit loved ones, loss of work and income, fear being pedalled non-stop 24/7, and self isolation, it’s no wonder depression rates are skyrocketing across the planet.

And while we recognize that having a little anxiety about ‘stuff’ is normal, and even healthy in some cases, what we see now goes well beyond the boundaries of just being ‘a bit stressed out’. More and more people are suffering from mental health problems such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression, anger issues and anti-social behaviours.

People need to realize that these issues don’t just go away by themselves. While factors such as isolation may be temporary, it still causes major problems for many people who don’t know how to deal with them (nor do they have anyone available to talk sense into them). When you add on social stigma around seeking help, lack of accessible counselling services, and the fact that there’s also little to no support out there for caregivers, the problems only compound.


It’s not just mental health issues either. Physical illness is also increasing at unprecedented levels due to lack of social interaction, inability to access medical professionals, and poor quality food. For many people who are already dealing with chronic illnesses, the additional stress caused by C-PTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder) can bring them pretty close to their breaking point .

So What Can You Do?

The first step to overcoming all the negativity we see present in the world today is to overcome the fear and paranoia about covid. This can be difficult with the media banging on about how you’re surely going to die soon every chance they get, and covid being pretty much the only thing people now talk about – mostly because it’s ruined their lives as well.

You Are Not Going to Die

Read that. Say it out loud. Read it again.

The chance of succumbing to covid is infinitely minuscule, unless you are very old and already sick with another illness. For the vast majority of people, you are more likely to die of the common flu, than from SARS-COV-2. Seeing everyone wearing face masks and hearing about “infection numbers” every day does not help things, especially when most of these numbers are based on a faulty and notoriously inaccurate testing method. You do not need to be overly concerned about dying from a respiratory virus.

Using too much hand sanitiser is actually bad for you! Read that again. Let it sink in.

Many doctors around the world are now prescribing, and using, Ivermectin as a prophylactic to reduce the risk of getting covid. If you are really concerned about the virus, get yourself some of this to give you some calm. If you can’t get a script filled locally you can pick some up online. Taking one a week reduces your risk of getting covid by 90%. If taking it makes you feel invulnerable, just let it happen.

Depression and fear has gotten through to millions, if not billions of people. Going by the frenzy to buy Ivermectin as reported in the media, it seems. So that’s the first step, get past the fear. Take that mask off. Fresh air is good for you.

Go Outside

Get some fresh air. Go visit some family or some friends. Hang out, chat, take your masks off and pretend it’s hasn’t been the worst two years of your life. Your family understands. Your friends understand. Everyone in the world feels what you’re feeling. Revel in that, let it comfort rather than sadden you.


Talk to people. It’s easier to do this with no mask on. Breathe some more fresh air. Forget about politics and pathogens. Do something fun. Eat out in a restaurant with friends (if you’re allowed to legally), try to pretend you’re okay with how 2021 turned out – we’re all doing it!


Again, much easier to do without a mask on. Other people miss smiles. You will see. Try smiling at a stranger. They’re just as empty inside as you are, wishing they could remember how to smile like it was still 1999.

Depression is mostly caused by overthinking in a negative fashion. It’s in out own heads. There are people in this world who are stuck living far worse lives than we have, who would love to be in or position right now. As long as we remember this, as long as we are always grateful for what we have, we will never be depressed. Thing could be much worse. Enjoy the 2021 that you have right now, forget the restrictions and media propaganda. Don’t let them dictate your reality.

You used to know how to have fun, even in a bad situation. I’m sure you still do.

If you’re really in a bad state, please reach out to someone who cares, a family member, a close friend, your pet, or a therapist. Support is always the best answer when anyone is feeling blue.