Among various types of addictions, gambling addiction is one of the most dangerous. Gambling stimulates our brains’ reward system. Its compulsiveness leads to hiding behavior, depletion of savings, accumulating debts, and many more devastating consequences. Its compulsiveness is so strong that the addicted can’t stop it even if he/she knows the consequences.

Knowing how to break the cycle of addiction is very important in stopping gambling addiction, and today we’ll discuss that.

Alvernia University has identified five steps of addiction naming— First use, regular use, risky use, dependence, and substance use disorder. Depending on the level of addiction, approaches to break the cycle may vary. Below are some tips that the addicted to every level can follow:

  • Stay active. (Exercise, Meditate, Travel etc.)
  • Be social and join volunteer groups or sports clubs.
  • Understand the problems and consequences.
a therapist woman

If you are aware that you are addicted to the level of dependence or higher you should seek professional help. Professional therapists are trained experts who can assess the situation and conditions carefully and take steps they know can help. Not every addict is the same, and most of them need individual solutions for their specific care.

To break the addiction cycle, staying mentally strong and avoiding anything related to addiction is very important. Addiction treatment is challenging, but it’s entirely possible to gift the addicted a happier and healthier life. Support and love is also important, having someone to talk to is always better than leaving the addict feeling alone, isolated and depressed.