Gambling is a game of luck – whether you win or lose, you have no control. You can quit gambling and join programs that have a higher ROI with low risks which mean you will have more control over your money.

Here are some ways you can stop gambling and save money instead:

  • Have some money left after paying for regular expenses? Investing in the foreign exchange market or stock market instead of poker machines on horse racing or at the casino. Take your time, learn how to research the markets, and invest. This will increase the probability of earning profit in the long run.
team work business startups
  • Become an investor in startups, or start your own business. Many startups are doing very well because the founders invested in proper market research and developed teams of highly skilled and motivated members. Investing in those can bring huge returns. More importantly, investing will keep you busy doing research and study. So you’ll have less time to gamble!
  • Have multiple bank deposits and receive interest on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Or, you can purchase bonds. Comparing to other options, this one has a little bit of lower profit. However, it is still an excellent risk-free option for long-term investments and you’ll be sure to come out better at the end than if you just gamble all your money away.
  • Save money and fulfill other planned goals. For instance, go on travels to different places, or donate money to support social causes. These will make you happy, fulfilled, and more motivated to do more good things. After all, mental happiness is all we really want.