Gambling can be a very destructive addiction. This trap will cause the loss of money, health, happiness, relationships, mood, time, and much more. Many start gambling just for fun, but become so addicted that they can’t ever think of leaving it! If this sounds like you, then this article should help. Below we’ll discuss how to stop gambling addiction in some actionable and practical ways. Let’s start:

Help Yourself

An essential part of stopping gambling addiction is acknowledging that you are getting addicted. You also have to understand your level of addiction. Are you involved in gambling weekly, daily, or even hourly? Do you admit that you feel as if you cannot live without it? Be honest with yourself and based on the answers, you can move forward and take proper actions to improve your situation.

Money Management

The core weapon of gambling is money. Limit your access to money if you can’t control yourself. Handover your keycards, and bank account access to someone trusted. If addiction is severe, get rid of the cards, checkbooks, and internet fund transfer options. Even ask your friend or family to change the logins so you cannot get any money without them allowing you to.

This may seem impossible, but with someone trusted by your side, it can become a good first step and be much more comfortable.

Schedule Time Wisely

If you have no time to gamble, you won’t gamble! Schedule your meetings, activities, etc. to distract yourself and divert your thoughts to other tasks.

Reading books, gardening, exercising, playing with kids, volunteering in social works- are some excellent time passing activities you can include in your daily schedule.

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Join Help Groups

Social support is another way to stop addiction. Meet people who help others overcome addiction. They have experience and structured ways to help addicts. Attend motivational and skill development seminars and programs they arrange.

Plan Future Projects

Start planning with your money and take decisions that affect your future positively. Start small. If you can save $500 every month, that’s $6000 in a year, which you can put towards something tangible which will add value to your life.

You can start online courses to learn and improve your skills. This will also divert your mind from gambling.

Business and Investment

Starting a business can be much better than losing money due to bad luck. Put your money to good use instead of throwing it away.

No idea on how to start a business or what business to start? Ask your friends or colleagues. The internet also has tons of resources that can help you understand the fundamentals of becoming an entrepreneur.

Try investing in the stock market or depositing money in long-term investment schemes. But, make sure you do a proper research before investing – otherwise, it will be another gamble.


This can be a great solution for a mild addict. Travelling keeps the mind fresh. By visiting new places, you can learn various things, meet new people, and gather experience. Enjoying and experiencing new cultures and adventures can help to stop thinking about gambling. Make sure you go to places or countries where you won’t be tempted to gamble more. Stay away from Vegas!

What about leaving the chaos of the city and traveling to a calm place to enjoy charming nature?

Visit a Therapist

Sometimes, the situation can get out of control. Addiction can cause severe depression, mood swings, and other behavioral problems. If this is the case, you should seek help. Please consult with a therapist and get proper treatment.

Therapists are trained experts and know how to help addicted people. As there are different levels of addiction, they can advise you after careful assessment of your current situation.